Blood Is Sweeter From Enemies

by Constrict

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released June 23, 2017

Recorded at The Pit by Taylor Young
Mastered at Deadair Studios
Artwork by Nic Samayoa



all rights reserved


Constrict Los Angeles, California

Kyle - guitar
Gage - bass
Leo - guitar
Josh - drums
Anthonie - vocals

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Track Name: Mantra Of Hate
the craving of power
with the purest of hate
hunger desperation
gives me undying strength

your world will crumble

execution no end in sight
baptism in my enemies blood

possession of dominance
depraves my soul
i feed on your weakness
as you pray for mercy

i'll make you suffer

execution no end in sight
baptism in my enemies blood

an unforgiving force
denounce your existence

crush your face and watch you bleed
degrade your world
subject you to pain
ear to ear
cut you like the swine you are
intolerant to your agony
eliminate the opposition
blood is sweeter from enemies
Track Name: Vengeance
nourished by war
wasted with peace
the entity of cowardice remains to be my enemy
loathsome dealings
crooked undertakings
pathetic existence
Cower in your weakness

in war i eat my enemies
vengeance will be my destiny

surrender yourself
beg for sympathy
subhuman filth
reject the seed
you fucking breed
end your bloodline

in war i piss on your grave
vengeance is my victory

your blood
your fear
consumes my supremacy
Track Name: Lust For Death
hate the sight of me
broken by the weight of recession
i pray to a god
that left me long ago
bargain like i would the devil
i plead to end my life
theres nothing for me
i choose to end it now

lust for death

you left me
at my weakest point
i gave you everything
you gave me nothing
if i die tonight
would you be the six to carry me
you wouldn't shed a tear for me
so why should you when i leave

lust for death

no more pain
self destruction
no law of self
this world is a cruel beast
you made me despise it
I can feel my mind collapse
slip into the depths of hate


I welcome death
her cold hands reach
embrace her
as a savior

into oblivion
I sink

lust for death